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 Change Fast 1.02d

Name of Program: Change Fast 1.02d
Type of Program: Dos Utility
Supported Platforms: MS-DOS
Company Name: Dirk Manders
Revision Date: Unknown
Price: FREE
Installed Size: About 20,000 bytes


This is a Small, Boring, Useless Program. I am sorry, but this is one of the worse shareware
software programs I have ever seen or allowed onto my computer. You must know a lot about
changing system files to install this program, and then it has to be seen in the DOS directory,
from there where the normal user would never dare delete it. It is said to be a NCD clone, but
I have no idea what the NCD stands for. Given, this does work on almost any computer, this
program is not going to be any better than the normal DOS on most
computers.This program is said to change the directory fast... WRONG!! I had to read their
files to see what commands I had to type to be able to get to change it "fast" (for anyone who
is curious it is: fc\ [directory name]). It is just as easy to type CD\ and the directory name.
This program has no reason to even exist... It doesn't even do what it is claimed to do. As I
hear it anyway, in the near future we won't have to mess around with directories. Windows 95
made it so we do not have to know short filenames, and for '95 users, this program would
Probably make things more difficult to get used to. But this is freeware, so what can you

User Friendly:
Ease of Install:
Reviewed By Charles C. Hoffmeyer

Who to Contact to Pay for the software:
ITS FREE (if it is any consulation), but if you want to register
this software, you can contact the author using the FREE
REGISTRATION form in the program or you can e-mail him the form (I
would guess) at

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