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Childs Play II

Type of Program Kids/ Graphic - Paint
Supported Platforms: Win95
Author : ASL
Price: See below 2 prices
Installed size: 3.2mb


This is a wonderful kids painting program there are a lot of features in the shareware ver of this. Rubber stamping effects as well as colors and bubbles and so much into this program. They can print off their works of art and put them on your frig for safe keeping . There is no limit to there imaginations as well colors are wonderful the graphics are awesome. It was so easy to
install and very kid friendly as well. Deff worth getting this one for your kids.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Cindy Lynch
In the US, if ordering by credit card, call 1-800-242-4775 and order product # 11588. If ordering Child's Play II, it is $19.95. Child's Play Pro is $24.95. You can also order electronically to, or visit the PsL website at Outside of the US, you can call +1-713-524-6394, or fax +1-713-524-6398.

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