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Type of Program: Note Pad Utility
Supported Platforms: Win95/NT 4.0
Company: Serpent Software
Version: 1.10
Price: $15
Installed Size: 900K (about)


Back again, we have the award winning notepad utility Chimp! I got a tremendous surprise when I reviewed the new improved Chimp!. I used this program to write its' own review! I have a template set up under Software Template, all I have to do is cut and paste the template to another topic and fill in the blanks and write the review. Then cut and paste it into an e-mail to the CEO. Very simple and very easy, an absolute must have for anyone trying to remember loads of information!

You can still find the old review at this site:

Now for the new improvements and there are quite a few. First, the feature that I find I liked best is many options have been added to the icon in the system tray. All you have to do is right click on the icon to gain access to opening Chimp files, if you have more than one. Here you can also add topics, search and find whatever you are looking for in the chimp files, print, access the many Chimp! options and also get immediate help. All of this can be done without actually bringing the program alive.

Another new feature is the ability to place a date and time stamp on your topics. I had been typing the date in with no problem so this feature actually speeds things right along for me.

The search has been greatly improved also. You can now search through all topics if you can't remember where you put something. Chimp! still saves your information at a specified interval that you put in your options, so you needn't remember to save it.

There are so many added features that I will list them all here for you, they all worked great for me.

* Microsoft Intellimouse support.
* Option to suppress the task bar button.
* Option to open with a single click on the tray icon.
* Option to keep the Chimp! window always on top.
* Option to start initially visible by default.
* Option to turn off borders on printing.
* Option for separate control over background colour and
colour of system tray icon.
* Open URL menu entry and toolbar button added.
* Recent files list.
* More keyboard accelerators.

Maybe for a future update they can add an export to your e-mail program. Or, an option to save individual topics out so you can send them to your friends. I keep sending suggestions, and they keep adding them. So people, we are getting a custom made program. Try it, you won't know how you did without it!

A full free-90 day evaluation period. Why anyone would need 90 days to evaluate this program is beyond me.

I can honestly say I have used this inexpensive little program more than any program on my machine. It is always waiting for me, ready to work for me, daily.

Performance: +
User Friendly: +
Cost: +
Ease of Installation: +
Support: +
Sound & Graphics: NA
Reviewed By Martha Seward
How to purchase or register:

The cost of single user licence is US$15 or UK£10. Depending on the method of payment, there may also be a $5 transaction fee. At recent rates of exchange, UK£10 is approximately $17.

•Credit Card
•via the Web ($15 + $5 transaction fee)
•by Fax (£10)
•by Telephone - UK number (£10)
•by Telephone - USA number ($15 + $5 transaction fee)
•Cheque (£10) •Billed to a Compuserve Account ($15)

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