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Type of program: Word game
Supported platforms:Windows 95
Company name: Capella Systems Group, Inc.
Version: 4.0
Cost: $10.00
Installed size: 500 KB


This is like cyrptograms with just a little twist. The correct letters turn grey, the incorrect letters stay white. The twist is that while working the puzzle, if you try a letter in the wrong spot, The letters you already had right will go back to white; so you better remember what was there before guessing. This version has 100 puzzles, when you register it you will acquire 1400 puzzles. The quotes are funny, or silly, the first puzzle was a quote by Shakespeare. The registered version also has the ability to load other puzzles, and a "cyrpto-tool" to aid you in solving other cyrpto-puzzles. Nope; they don't explain what a "cyrpto-tool" is; we'll have to register it to find out.

This is good enough to keep an adult's attention; and easy enough to help teach kids about words. It has a cheat and show letter command, that might be necessary to use a couple of times at first; I'm sure that junior high kids could enjoy this program, I'm not sure about how much younger they could be and still use this game. Kids are funny, you know; what it took me 2 hours to try to figure out how to do; one day, a friends' child CRAWLED into my chair and explained it to me.

Anyway for the price, this is a definite good bargain!

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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