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Citizen 1

Type of Program: Internet Search
Supported Platforms: Win 95/NT
Company Name: Citizen 1 Software Inc.
Version: 1.03
Price: Free!
Installed Size: 3.99MB


Citizen 1 Internet Tool is an extraordinary piece of software. Ever since I first got online I have been looking for something that worked this well. I have found hundreds of search engines, metasearch engines and sites. I have read about and used dozens of these and always have to go somewhere else for another piece of the puzzle. For the business community, both small and large, the buck stops here. For a measly 4MB of hard drive, plus a 10MB cache, you can have exactly what the company says: "Citizen 1 is the most efficient Internet Tool for analyzing stocks, planning trips, retrieving news, and more." Setup is extremely easy and there is an online tutorial from the help button. After free registration at the site you download and install the program. What you see is a discrete GUI for the internet. There are three main categories. To get started, click on either the Business, Reference or Personal buttons from the tool bar. Several new buttons appear according to which of these you have chosen. Pick the one you are interested in, and select a database from the left window. Then enter your query on the line in the right window. Hit submit and the information is gathered. When it is finished, select View Page and your browser's window appears with the data ready to use or further refine. You will sometimes have to register at new sites, but most that I have gone to are free. There is the occasional site where reports cost from $1.00 to $5.00 or so and some are generated while you wait.

One of the most useful features of this tool is an excellent description of each resource, written by Citizen 1 editors which appears in the right window along with some tips on how to use the resource, i.e. which boolean operators etc. work best. You can do several searches at once or search and read at the same time.

Why would such fine software be free you ask? Well, this has no ads but the company does have a different version, Citizen 1 Healthcare Internet Tool, that is a subscription service and they are using the free version to show how powerful the subscription can be. My guess is that most any health care facility would be the better for using the service. If you are in business or want to be, go get Citizen 1 for that edge everyone needs to succeed, fast information access.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Support: By email or phone, but none needed so far.
Reviewed by Robin Hall

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