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Type of Program: Uninstaller
Supported Platforms:Windows
Company Name:Quarterdeck
Installed Size:


I hate Windows,and therefore I`ve never learn`t to use it properly. But, the install program in Cleansweep made me look like a "GURU". If you follow the instructions to the letter, you cannot go wrong. Once installed you will find a very helpful utillity added to your toolbox.

This will"uninstall files","archive files","backup files","move files", and "transport files" to other computers. Sorry, it don`t make toast.

Each of these tasks work smoothly and fast, each with it`s own set of instructions as you go step by step. The graphics are very pleasing to the eye and all the text is easy to follow.

Cleansweep is configured to work for Win`3.1, Win`95, Win`NT, so it therefore follows that it handles 16 bit as well as 32 bit files. I`ve tested Cleansweep on two systems.

Pentium 75 Performance 386 sx 20 Performance
16 mg ram User friendly 4 mg ram User friendly
Dos 6.2.2 Installation Dos 6.2.2 Installation
Win`3.1 Support Win`3.1 Support
Reviewed by John E Richards

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