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101 Clippings

Type of Program: Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows 95, 3.1 and even in NT4.0
Company Name: Easy Software Ltd.
Version: 1.1
Price: $25 US, $35 Canada, 15 pounds UK
Installed Size: They claim 900k but it's much smaller than that without saved clippings


Finding the program to download was easy enough, they have it posted I think about everywhere it could be. It's a small download of 512k compressed winzip file. Unzip and start the setup.exe file then you're on your way to easy saving of clippings. The installation will let you install to whatever directory you choose and puts a link to the program on your desktop. The registered version will let you hide the 101 clip icon. It does not, however, add the link to your start menu--this would be a nice default, but if you can't add it to the menu yourself you probably shouldn't be playing around with shareware yet...

After clicking on the desktop icon it greets you with a simple interface that lets you choose a few settings. One is for when the clippings window will pop up and the other is for the paste window pop up. All of the settings are OK, just depends on your taste and usage of the keyboard or the program your running. Using the program was easy enough, it had to be because the help files didn't work. I'll just chuck this one up to the shareware version I had, I expect the full version will have this feature in working order.

You have the ability to save up to 999 clippings in each of the 10 groups (yeah that's right, 9990 clippings in all). Each clipping can be uniquely named and stored in any of the 10 uniquely named groups. Saving commonly used clippings this way would be a good addition to any word processing program if it was a bit simpler to re-paste a saved entry. As it stands right now you have to find the clipping, select the text you want copy and do the standard copy and paste procedure. It all sounds amazing but keep in mind the more you save the less drive space you have. Not to worry though, it's just as simple to delete clippings as it is to save them- just select the clip and hit the 'Delete Clipping' button. SO, if that isn't enough, you can also edit saves. Just find the clipping make the changes in the 'Clipping Text' window and save the text again.

It's a handy little program but I would suspect after awhile I will find it a nuisance to have to shut down the program every time I don't want to save a clipping. The wugnet award they claim to have been awarded is yet to be seen on wugnet's site... but it's probably deserved all the same.

Performance: 4 stars
User Friendly: 4 stars
Cost: 3 stars (depends on how much you clip and paste)
Ease of Installation: 5 stars
Support: 2 stars
Reviewed by j.renee

Discounts for buying in quantity. Cash and checks accepted in any currency; electronically at their site.

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