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Best Program Of The Year And Best Windows Program 1998

Type of Program: Clipboard Utility
Supported Platforms:Windows All
Company Name:Thornsoft
Installed Size:2 Mb


You won't believe this, but they actually have made ClipMate even better. Yes that's right the best got even better. I have been using ClipMate for a couple of years now and I don't think I could do my work anymore without it.

ClipMate allows you to keep more than one thing at a time on the clipboard, that is the basis around which the whole program is built. (actually ClipMate stores them) Here is how I run ClipMate. It is in my startup folder so that when Windows opens ClipMate opens. I use the always on top option for ClipMate also, so it is right there when I need it. For normal work I keep the short term collection open. That's right you can have collections of information stored in ClipMate. I have one collection for filling out those pesky forms, which brings me to another of ClipMates enhancements, power paste. With ClipMate you can at the touch of a button have ClipMate paste information in turn into whatever you are working on.

Some of the new features in 5.0:

They have streamlined the interface by combining several functions (select, preview, edit, and manage) into one window. User-defined collections of data are now shown as folders using a directory tree that supports nested collections, and the ClipList shows a sortable listing of all Clips in the current collection. With the press of a button you can view all your Clips as thumbnails, making it easy to visually locate graphics.Using the ClipMate Explorer, Clips can be moved within or between collections via drag 'n' drop. Text can be highlighted and re-arranged using drag 'n' drop composition. Text can also be dragged to or from another application that supports Rich Text editing.

With Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, you can view HTML right in the Preview/Edit pane of ClipMate Explorer. If you copy some data from Internet Explorer, ClipMate will retain information about which web page the data came from and you can return to that page anytime using ClipMate's "revisit" button. When viewing text that contains a web page URL, you can launch that URL in your default browser.

ClipMate can export text and bitmap (graphic) Clips either singly or in batches. You also have the option of saving bitmap Clips as JPEG files, which reduces file size and is easily compatible with web and E-Mail tools.

If you're searching within or across collections, the results are placed in a special temporary collection called "Search Results" so that you can quickly review all "hits". ClipMate also supports searching for text within a Clip and will show you highlighted text in the Preview/Edit window.

The editor can be made to "stick" to a particular Clip, so that local cut/copy/paste can be used without ClipMate scrolling to display the new Clipboard contents. The shift text, remove line breaks, and change-case functions all support operations on highlighted selections within the editor. The shift text function, which can slide a block of text to the left or right, has a "destructive" mode where if you hold down the CTRL key, will wipe out any characters in the first column (not just blanks). This is handy for operations like removing unwanted '>' symbols in E-Mail replies.

Deleted Clips are placed in a special "Trash Can" collection, until shut-down. So if you mistakenly delete something, you can get it back.

Inspired by television remote controls, the "Last Collection" (F5) and "Favorite Collection" (F6) keys make it easy to flip between collections, which is particularly useful when used with QuickPaste. Pressing F5 takes you to the collection that you were working in previously - even during the last session. F6 takes you to the next collection with the word "Favorite" in the title.

In conclusion this could be the best $20 you have ever spent on software. There is an easy way to find out, go and download a fully functional 30 day evaluation copy.

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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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