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Type of Program: Program Automation
Supported Platforms:Windows All
Company Name:Graphical Dynamics Inc
Version #:1.0.048
Price: $79.95
Installed Size:1.8Mb
Where can this program be downloaded:

The install was flawless. The interface is well thought out, it even, just to make sure it covers everything, puts up a time and date small unobtrusive bar on your active application.

In Windows 95 the Shareware Version will automate logging into to CompuServe a number of ways. It will Defrag your disk automatically using either the built in Microsoft Defragger or Norton Speed Disk. It can schedule Disk Scanning using either Microsoft's Disk Scan or Norton Disk Doctor.

Plus time scheduled Virus scanning using either McAfee or Norton

Also automatic mail retrieval from the Internet using either Agent, Eudora, Pegasus or Netscape.

When I say automatic I mean effortless dialogues do the setup for you. Let us look at just one, running McAfee Virus Scan. The first thing you get is an option asking which Virus Scanner you want to automate. You pick McAfee. Then do you have to go out and find the executable and configuration files for it? Nope, in a matter of seconds it has found the McAfee executable, then it lets you use either the virus scanning options already specified in your McAfee .VSC file (hey, it even automatically shows you which ones are already picked) or offers to create custom scan options for you. The next dialogue is to pick when you want to do this. It even gives you the helpful hints like if you are going to schedule it for the early hours of the morning, you might as well have it do it everyday, though it states that you usually only have to do this once a week. The timing options are incredible. They haven't missed a trick.

Got a program that you want to run at a certain time? Hey it will walk you right through the dialogue, no sweat.

In conclusion. If you have been thinking that you really should do a number of things like Virus Scanning and Disk Defragging on regular basis, or is it cheaper at certain times to pull down your email, but you are never up at that time or at home. If any of these are true or you just are an orderly person that wants things done right, then you should get this program.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by John H Wilson

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