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Name of the Program:Clox
Type of Program:World time display utility
Supported Platforms:WIN95
Company Name:Mirage Audio Visual Media
Installed Size:448KB


UPDATE! CLOX v 5 has a much nicer interface, with plenty of tool-tips embedded to make navigating it a lot easier. There are more clocks too, a vastly improved Help system and extra options in the alarm functions. The original four stars given for "User Friendly" is hereby upgraded to FIVE!

The original review:

This useful utility displays the time on five clock displays, three of which can be set to the world time zone of your choice. The other two are the system time of your computer and GMT, both of these can be set automatically from the Internet based Clox update service. The display is completely customisable and can be reduced to a small box showing the zone names and time in digits, or proper "ticking" clock face displays. The colour scheme can be changed, and you can have the display on top all the time if you want to - it takes up very little room and is unobtrusive.

Setting the individual time zones is made simple by a helpful world map display bult into the set-up screen, even if your geography is as limited as mine you can find the place you are looking for. The Clox update includes a newsletter service,and even an Internet newsflash. The software takes full account of daylight saving times all across the world for you.

I found having Clox on my screen gave a whole new dimension to Internet based chat, as I now know what time it is for the other person. More importantly, my system time was set by the automatic update service, and I will be installing Clox on my work computer to help me plan overseas phone calls, and know when to expect a response from an email. The alarm function will also be most useful in work.

Web-based support for Clox is outstanding, the web site contains a stack of useful information and queries are answered promptly and comprehensively. The built in instructions are a little hard to find - double click on a clock and they pop up -and somewhat involved, however once you get the hang of it they suddenly seem quite clear. The automatic product updates and web-delivered configuration make Clox a product with a very long life, and the design makes it a trouble-free and useful utility to add to your desktop.

Clox is shareware, most of the functions work without registration but two of the three configurable clocks do not remember the settings and the Internet based updates are not available. Pay by any major credit card, full registration instructions are in the Help files and on the web site.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Sue Abbott (

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