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CoffeeCup HTML Editor++

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Type of Program: HTML Editor w/FTP Client/DHTML Scripts and Java Script
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/NT
Company Name: CoffeeCup Software
Version: 6.2
Price: $49.00
Installed Size: 7MB


WOW!! That is the only way to describe this unique and feature filled HTML editor!!

It is really difficult to know where to start on this one. This is a program packed with just about EVERY feature you could possibly want or imagine. The "Quick Start" page enables you to select backgrounds, text and link colors, title the page and create Meta tags and Meta keywords. But this is just the beginning.

Some of the many features in this program are table, form and frame designers, FTP, spell check, some of the most unusual ready made buttons I have ever seen, ActiveX, CGI, WebTV tags, the ability to use 2 backgrounds and layer 2 images, mouseovers, style sheets......I could go on and on. The program is easy to use with a wonderful help menu. I suspect that it would make even a "beginning" HTML writer an expert in no time at all. I have the feeling that the couple of hours I played around with this program was but scratching the surface. I am going to enjoy this one and it may well take the place of my "favorite" HTML editor.

One thing, the NAG SCREEN is extremely annoying although I must admit the messages are very cleverly done (the designers will starve if you do not register). I DO understand where they are coming from. As an aspiring Graphic and Web Designer myself, I realize all the work involved in ANYTHING computer related. And creating this program must have been quite a project indeed. The download is LONG. It took me almost a half hour but I suspect if I had downloaded earlier in the day or later in the evening it would have been much quicker. It was however, well worth the download time.

I HIGHLY recommend CoffeeCup HTML Editor+++ for both aspiring HTML writers like myself as well as more seasoned writers. Check this one out.

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Reviewed by Louise Wilson

This program may be purchased online via secure ordering. You may, if you prefer, send a check or money order. You may also phone in or fax your order. Upgrades must be purchased but they are reasonably priced. AE, MC, Visa and Discover are all accepted as payment.

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