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Complete Cleanup

Type of program: Utility
Supported platforms: Windows 95
Company Name: Softdd
Version: 3.0
Cost: $29.95
Installed size: 405KB


I double clicked on this .exe file, expecting it to self-extract; but this was it! Small, one file, and quick too. This program works on cleaning up the mess our web browsers and ourselves make. It cleans up both Netscape and Internet Explorer [AOL too!], works with all versions of above, including newest 4.0 versions. It tells you exactly what's what before you delete anything; it also cleans individual location url's, non internet files such as excess index files, temp files, and recent document links.

It also contains an interface allowing you to enter your own personal directory or file cleanups; and allows "Complete Cleanup" with one button. With each purchase you also get free Easy Access software, which is a 200 entry address book holding names addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and comments.

The only bad thing about this program is it won't delete anything until it's registered; it will only show you how much space you're wasting, and how the process will go when it is registered. Tonight, before I ran this program, I had run 3 other different cleanup type programs; to clean up the debris; and I was informed, without any extras, I was wasting 4047687 bytes.

So do you have enough hard drive space not to get Complete Cleanup?

Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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