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CompuPhoto Library

Type of Program: Graphics Manager
Supported Platforms:Window 3.1, Windows 95
Company Name:CompuPhoto, Inc.
Installed Size:8 M


My bookshelves, cupboards and drawers are full of photos - my childhood, courtship, marriage and career all captured on film. I also inherited a biscuit tin full of old black and white pictures which show my family, and my home town of Liverpool back to many years before the war. These things mean a lot, they have both a sentimental and a monetary value.

As a web page author I have a fair-sized collection of icons, photos and backgrounds culled from scans, magazine give-aways, photodiscs and CD collections.

Basically I have chaos - I cannot find a damn thing.

Hence my delight at discovering Compuphoto Library, a complete organiser and database. Loading cleanly and quickly, Compuphoto Library had a cheerful and simple interface that enabled me to import the photos I have on my hard disc in seconds, instantly creating thumbnails for each photo. The programme gives a data sheet for every image so that you can record pertinent information including title, who took the picture, where it is, when it was taken and any special notes.

Each library can be viewed as individual pictures, a set of thumbnails, a set of information sheets or a spreadsheet - this one is particularly well thought out as it allows entry of text directly into the interface, no tiresome wizards or messing about. It prints any of these views too so that you can create a complete photo album for a client, relative or friend. (This is a very good feature for graphic designers trying to get a client to agree to a logo or image).

With all these features the Compuphoto Library is a valuable tool, but there are plenty more goodies included. These include a comprehensive range of touch-up and special effect tools (with an undo feature -phew!), and the ability to add audio to each album or photo. This audio feature comes into its own with the Slideshow, a brilliant way to display photos using clever fade in effects and a choice of background music - again excellent for professional presentations.

CompuPhoto Library makes life simpler and more organised for anyone who uses photos and images for web page and graphic design, and makes static, old-fashioned photo albums redundant.

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Reviewed by Sue Abbott (

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