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 Conversion Buddy Quality Software Award

Best Freeware of the Year Award

Type of Program:Unit Conversion
Supported Platforms:Windows All
Authors Name:James E. Presley
Price: Freeware
Installed Size:2Mb


Does 1700 Conversion factors say it all? Well that probably should be enough, after all it is Freeware. No this is probably the best Conversion program there is. With a very few keystrokes you can convert about anything. Here take a look at the output when you ask for an exact answer in converting 312 yards to centimeters.
three hundred twelve yards
is equivalent to
twenty eight thousand five hundred twenty nine centimeters

Description Rounding Error Derivation
Entered Value Exact Exact
Conversion Factor 5.4681E-06 (.5/91440).
Reported Digits 1.7526E-05 (.5/28529).

312 yards is equivalent to: 28,529. centimeters

Each yard = (9.1440 E1) centimeters.

This program has lots of extras, for example, rounding, you can do standard, liberal, best fit or none. This not some Mickey Moose program. This is a real scientific Conversion program.

Conversion Buddy comes with a tutorial and a good Help system.
And it is Free, what are you waiting for?

In this latest version *Expression Buddy now supports covariance. They tidied up the user interface and fixed a bug. The
printable report is more clear. You may cut and paste the report into your Windows documents.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Jack Ross

You can contact the author at:
James E. Presley

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