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Cool Edit 96

Type of Program: Sound editor/player
Supported Platforms: Windows 95, Windows 3x
Company Name: Syntrillium Software Corporation
Price: $25 (lite), $50 (basic), $100 (preferred)
Installed Size: 2.17 MB


This program is absolutely the best audio editor/player I've ever encountered.

Features of Cool Edit seldom found in other similar programs

Supports PCM, Microsoft ADPCM and IMA/DVI ADPCM .wav,
Sound Blaster .voc, raw PCM, SMP, ASCII Text, AU, Apple AIFF etc.
Very clean sample rate conversion. You can have a sample rate of 11k without the hiss.
Special flanging, echo, echo chamber, filter tools. Most of them are customizable.
Changing sample speed with no change of pitch and changing pitch with no change of speed.
Built in CD player
Noise reduction (very good, and very seldom found)
Multiple windows of the program can be opened simultaneously. Allowing copy, cut and paste
from a mixture of wave formats.
Cool Edit can generate special sound and tone, even noises. There's a special feature to create
waves that affects the state of mind.
Very clean sample rate conversion.
Batch processor to run series of commands on a set of files.
User can create their own effects for waves.
No limitations on wave size (except hard disk space)
Supports additional information for wav files. (Details that can be seen in file properties in
Many customizable settings for the program
Create effects that makes your wave sounds like it's recorded on a certain spot
You can center skewed wave
Change volume not just by percentage but also by dB.

There are many more things this is program capable of. IMHO, even
professionals would consider Cool Edit as a powerful tool. Amateurs can register this program as
Lite, but you won't get to use all the features available.

While the basic registration unlocks all the capabilities of the program.The preferred registration
entitles you free updates of the program.

Considering all those abilities, 2.17 MB of space that this program occupies makes you wonder
doesn't it? How do they do that?
One terrible setback when you're reviewing this program as shareware is the lock. The program
limits only 2 special features may be used in one session. If you close the program and then reopens
it you get to choose the features again.

Ease of Installation:
User Friendly: Special features needs a lot of technical knowledge of sound & waves. And the lock is really annoying.

Purchase: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, check, money order in dollars. Registration also available in the Netherlands.

Reviewed by Eric R. Natanael

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