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Cosmo Player

Type of Program: Internet VRML Plug In
Supported platforms: Windows
Company Name : Cosmo Software
Version: 2.0
Price: Free
Installed size: 3064


To view sites with VRML, you must have a VRML viewer installed. Cosmo Player worked well with all the sites I tested except a couple. It's almost like playing a game online - you become interactive in that the player has controls you can use to manipulate the scene - zoom in - 360 degree views, etc. It was more versatile then some other VRML viewers I have tested. Some of the others only seem to work well with sites created by their own products. For VRML viewing - I would recommend Cosmo. It is easy to install in Netscape, but if you have a previous viewer installed - it could present some conflicts as it did with me. But once worked out, it was great.

User friendly:
Ease of installation:
Reviewed by Willow Germann

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