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The Daily Crossword 1st Edition

Type of Program: Game
Supported Platforms:Windows 3x
Company Name:Aus-PC-Soft Shareware
Onkaringa Valley Road
South Australia 5242

Graphics: The Crossword Lattice is in two sizes Large and Small and are both very sharp and
clear Colours: They are the easy Black and White standard Crossword colours Instructions: It is
based on the English Dictionary words and is very simple to use if one follows the Direction
Panel as they appear The main Directions are L=Lattice, M=Make Crossword N= Change Crosswords and S= Save, nothing could be more simple Game: I like Crosswords so I might be a bit biased as it saves heaps on my purchasing Crossword Books, when I finish I can just form another. This Game I think will be popular with all, who wish to learn, and all who play them

Computer 386 SX20
User Friendly
Reviewed by Ruby Josiasen

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