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Type of Program:Telnet/Rlogin
Supported Platforms:Windows
Company Name:Van Dyke Technologies, Inc.
Installed Size:2.5 Meg


CRT is a full featured telnet/rlogin application. It has a combination of almost all the (good) features present in various other terminal applications. In addition to this it has many long sought after features that have been very hard to find in other programs.

Here is a short list of standard features:

- VT100,VT220,Full color ANSI support - Individual session configurations - Keyboard macros -Zmodem receive via Telnet - Print screen and ANSI printing - Backscroll buffer

Super Features:

- Automatically maintains individual configurations for every host you use - ANSI is fully implemented - not just color - Backscroll buffer can be set to *any* size within resource limits (Yeah!) - When using backscroll CRT can be set to stay where you are, jump to the bottom upon receiving any new data or jump to the bottom upon keypress - Program can be launched with 'crt [host]' which means it can function as Netscape's terminal program. - Ability to use windows fonts other than just the 'terminal' font

I have used dozens of terminal programs over the last two years and CRT is one of the best. It is well written and seems to keep getting better and better.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Matthew Twomey

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