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Type: Encryption
Supported Platforms: Windows 95, NT4
Author: Nick Payne
Version: 2.43
Price: Free
Installed Size: 185K


Cryptext is a strong file encryption shell extension for Windows 95 and/or Windows NT 4 which uses a combination of SHA-1 and RC4 to encrypt files with a 160-bit keystream. It also encrypts and hashes your password with a unique salt value for each file, ensuring that no two files are encrypted with the same keystream, making them even harder to crack. One drawback I found was that you can't use a different password to encrypt or decrypt each file unless you change the master password, which disables all possibilities for decrypting files encrypted with the previous password unless you change the password back to the original password. This also allows anyone who knows your password to access all files as long as the master password is the same as what the files were encrypted with.

Authors Note: I'm just writing to say that the current version is v2.54, and this restriction has now been removed: you can decrypt a file which has been encrypted with any password without having to change your default encryption password.

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Reviewed by Clifford Lynch

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