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 CSE 3310 HTML Validator

Type of Program:Web Page Utility
Operating Platform:Windows 95
Company Name: AISoft Internet Solutions
Price: $24.95
Installed Size: 400 kb


This program will check your Web pages for errors. It does it really fast too. In this version you can even drag and drop your pages onto CSE 3310 HTML Validator. The Shareware version is good for 150 uses, plenty of time for you to evaluate it.

HTML Validator does not and cannot completely check a document for 100% correct syntax. One of the reasons is that there are some attribute values that cannot currently be properly expressed in HTML Validator. In this case, HTML Validator will generate an error message or more likely, it will ignore what it cannot understand and assume it is correct (depending mainly on the configuration). It should, however, indicate a majority of syntactical errors including common errors such as missing double quotation marks, missing closing tags, mismatching ‘<’ and ‘>’ characters, and using tags in incorrect locations.

Using CSE 3310 HTML Validator is far better than not using anything at all. "It is better to have validated and failed than never to have validated at all."

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by O' Henry

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