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Citizen 1 Healthcare Internet Tool

Type of Program: Internet search for the Healthcare industry.
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Browsers: Netscape Navigator
Company Name: Citizen 1 Software Inc.
Version: 1.03
Price: One week free trial. Then the yearly subscription is $1500.00.
Installed Size: 3.98MB


First off, if this product interests you, please read my review of Citizen 1. The interface, ease of use, power etc. are the same. Citizen 1 Healthcare Internet Tool, HIT, has the same three main headings as well, Business, Reference and Personal. What HIT adds are the two healthcare related headings. Medicine is the first with its subheadings: Disease/Treatment, Epidemiology, Research/Trials, Medical News and Organizations. The other heading is the healthcare Industry. Subheadings for this are: Products/Technology, Medical Economics, Regulatory, Suppliers and Providers. These are all exhaustively researched and updated monthly by Citizen 1 Software's healthcare information technologists. This is the power of the subscription. It is like having your own full time internet sleuths searching for information that is aimed directly at your business, the healthcare industry. Now, does someone with a sore throat need HIT? No. Take two somethings and don't call me in the morning. Would a small private rural physician's office require this level of input? Yearly subscriptions to a dozen of the top journals, time spent with detailers and staff training could easily justify the cost. The same is true for healthcare consultants, healthcare oriented legal firms, small but growing pharmacies or pharmaceutical companies as well as their larger counterparts. Today more than ever knowledge is power and time well spent pays dividends. Now on to set up. Its the same as Citizen 1. Basically all you have to do is hit Tools/Setup software/Locate default browser from the registry. That's it. The program updates itself or you can check by hitting Tools/Update Software. Don't you wish Communicator really was this easy? Hitting the Help button takes you to Citizen 1's easy to follow instructions or to their feedback page. Several questions should come to mind. Is there likely to be information on W disease, X organization, Y drug or Z company somewhere on the internet? Will the cost versus time saving make the investment worthwhile? Can my staff and I learn to use the technology without having to pay a full time information technologist? Truthfully, I cannot answer the first two questions for you. The last is a resounding yes. This is a very easy program to get started with, learn and use. Here is what I would do if I was in the healthcare business. Download the free Citizen 1 and use it for a few weeks. There are some healthcare links in this version too. Does it help? Can you see the power and benefits? If these two are yes, then download Citizen 1HIT [AFTER UNINSTALLING CITIZEN 1!!]. Get setup with the company for the free week trial and use the dickens out of it. If its still useful, get out your checkbook and begin using it everyday.

User Friendly:
Cost: If you need the service and are in the healthcare field: .
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Reviewed by Robin Hall

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