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Type of Program:Recipe database/menu planner
Supported Platforms:Win 3.1, Win95 and Win NT
Company Name:SMI Corporation
Version: 2
Installed Size:512K


Cuisine is a database program for storing and organizing recipes. It enables you to quickly type
in any cherished family favourites, or those tempting ones in magazines that you cut out and
then lose. Also you can import recipes in Meal Master format. It has a simple Windows interface, and the features include a neat little meal planner, which allows you to select all the recipes for a meal, and then produce a shopping list which can be printed out.

You can organize all your recipes into cookbooks, and each one has categories, which can be
either your own choice such as "Mexican" or the default list. This means you can find a recipe
with ease, no matter how big the data base gets. All the functions are clear and easy to
understand, in plain English, with a good Help facility.

Cuisine has a couple of shortcomings. Firstly it is American - the most used measurement is a
cup, which makes it fairly useless for any other country in the world. Secondly it is boring.
One of the real pleasures of a cookbook is the colour pictures of how the dish should look when
you have finished, both for the sheer aesthetic pleasure and to guide you when preparing it.
However Cuisine is sold as a database, not a cookbook, so for American cooks with lots of
drawers stuffed with magazine cut-outs, it is a useful and well designed little programme.

After 30 days of free evaluation the programme will nag you incessantly to buy it or delete it,
which is after all only fair.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Sue Abbott

You can purchase the registered version by credit card or cheque, the programme will print an order form for you or you can visit the SMI Corporation web site at:
You will also find some hints and tips on using Cuisine there.

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