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Cuneiform OCR

Supported Platforms: Windows 95, NT 4.0
Company Name: Cognitive Technologie Corp.
Version: 3.1
Price: US$ 99
Installed Size: 5.4 Mb


This is a very handy application for people who have to type out a lot text into a wordprocessor, that is already in print. For example: If you are making a paper for your sports club or school etc. and you have to place articles that someone else has typed out on paper, or maybe an article in your local paper. Just scan the page with your scanner (Cuneiform has TWAIN support), and the text found will be recognized and converted to a Rich Text Format (RTF), which can also be exported to -Notepad -Wordpad, and Microsoft Word. If you don't have a scanner, you can still use it to convert faxes you recieve on the computer or other bitmaps that contain text. It DOES NOT recognize handwriting! Usually (depending on the quality of the document) some characters are not recognized, and errors will occur. But the not to worry! Cuneiform OCR comes with a spellchecker for 9 (!) languages: English - Danish - Dutch - French -German - Italian - Portuguese- Spanish - Swedish

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed By Marco Holst

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