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Type of Program: Miscellaneous Internet
Supported platforms: Windows 95/NT
Authors Name: Luc Neijens
Version: 2.2
Price: Free (Postcardware)
Installed size: 600 KB


CyberKit integrates Ping, TraceRoute, Finger, WhoIs, Name Server LookUp, Mail Notify (POP3) and Quote Of The Day into a nifty Win95 interface. Ping and Traceroute are also included in Win95/NT, yet only in command-line mode.

I mainly use it because its 'finger' feature but I also enjoyed almost everything. I'm fortunate I'm having a permanent Internet access but for most of you, the 'Keep alive' feature (with or w/o dialing for that purpose) will assure some activity for that your provider will not disconnect you unexpectedly.

Checking for arrival of new mail will only work with POP3 accounts and it can show exactly the progress of the operation. Strange thing though: I'm accessing the Net by LAN (Ethernet) and I checked the "Don't dial for 'Keep Alive' and 'Check for New Mail'" option. Well... it didn't checked for my mail until I let this option unchecked!

CyberKit can minimize to the system tray so it won't use much of your taskbar. If you need to use two instances of the program, it will save on exit the status and options for both of them! Good work. I also liked the three LEDs showing its activity (the third is about your mail): if anything is really wrong, a LED turns red. Otherwise, it's a little redundant feature, since an animation will show you that it does something on the Net anyway.

Too bad it only knows just a single 'Quote of the Day' site. If you know a better one, you'll get better quotes (and you'' get rid of Charles Dickens too).

On the global side, it's a useful tool if you need to know more about the network. Some people will find it useful only for keeping the connection alive or monitoring the arrival of new mail. Either way... it's free!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Radu-Cristian Fotescu

Registering information: CyberKit is almost freeware. It's practically free, but you'll have to send a postcard to the author:

Luc Neijens, Berkenlaan 8,
3960 BREE, Belgium

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