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 Cyril Cyberpunk

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Type of Program:2D Scroller
Supported Platforms:Dos,Win,Win 95
Company Name:Reality Studios
Installed Size:11.0 MB
Download a Demo from:



Cyril Cyberpunk is a side scrolling shoot em up game by Reality Studios. Cyril Cyberpunk is a very addictive game that has
many ups and downs it is a very fun and exciting action game FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. It isn't like doom just find the bad guys and shoot 'em up it has many mazes and turns to take. It also has an easy, medium, and hard selection in the game and there IS A DIFFERENCE. The registered game also includes a level editor. This is definitely a game I will be registering in the near future.

THE STORY (From Their Homepage) It is the year 2224, and a boy called Cyril Smith is scanning the galactic airwaves, when he intercepts a message from an alien scout ship about the
impending invasion of Earth. He becomes Cyril Cyberpunk, and traces the ship to Central Park.

His worst fears are realized when he discovers that they are a race of mutant cyborg
TEDDY-BEARS! And so an amazing adventure begins.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Support Help file very nice.
Reviewed by Michael Klucher

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