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Type of Program:PIM
Supported Platforms:Win 3.1, Win 95
Authors Name:Alessandro Oddera
Installed Size:basic program 1.37mb


DataDuck is a Personal Information Manager, designed to act as a database for contacts, appointments and tasks. It installs quickly and painlessly, and runs under Windows 95 very smoothly indeed. The interface is windows-like, although for some reason there is a question mark where you would expect to see the word help, and is so simple to use you will be entering names and phone numbers within seconds of installing.

Unfortunately it soon becomes apparent that you have in fact downloaded only the skeleton, the address book part of the programme. To add tasks, appointments and reminders you have to go back to the site and download a further series of plug-ins. The address book itself is fairly basic, it does allow you to give your own labels to the various contact numbers, rather than the more usual pre-programmed ones. It also recognizes what kind of number you are highlighting, and will launch your fax, mail or telephony software as appropriate, without any tedious options to fill in before hand, and dial the number for you. It also allows you to import a URL from your favourites folder, to add to the contact record. This however takes as many mouse clicks as a cut and paste would.

The sort fields are limited to three, there are no categories of contact type and no place for company name or any commercial information.As a PIM it has some good points, but is sparse in scope and features. It uninstalls cleanly, and the shareware is fully functional.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Sue Abbott

DataDuck can be purchased by credit card, money order or cheque, and the software documentation provides email, fax, telephone and URL location for purchasing.

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