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Type of Program:Desktop Utility
Supported Platforms:Windows 95/NT
Authors Name:Frank Mikalsen
Installed Size:204 K


DeskWipe is a nifty, albeit somewhat buggy, program that allows you to minimize your running applications by merely placing the cursor over a predesignated edge or corner of your screen, leaving only the desktop showing. While the developer promotes this handy utility for the purpose of getting quick access to your desktop icons, there are many other less expensive (i.e. free) programs that do this just as easily from the system tray, such as DeskMenu in the Microsoft Powertoys collection. No, the real reason for having this application is to save your job because this program can minimize in a flash Solitaire (or Minesweeper or Hearts or whatever game you waste time with) when your boss walks into your office unannounced -- no double clicking, no pull-down menus, no searching for that little tray icon as your heart is pumping.

Installation is a snap -- it doesn't exist. Simply unzip the file and then move the application into whatever folder you want. Of course, this means that you'll need to create your own shortcuts for placement in the start menu, but that really isn't grounds for complaint as I see it -- I usually have to move around those automatically-installed shortcuts anyway. There are several options for locating the "hot spot" on your screen so it can be wherever is most comfortable for you to use. (I like the bottom right corner myself, since I generally rest my cursor near the icon tray when not in use and using an entire edge lends itself to accidental minimization rather frequently). There's no help file, nor much information on the developer's website, but that really isn't a problem because the program is completely self-explanatory; the read-me file that also unzips from the downloaded file has all the set up and registration information you need.

Now for the bugs -- the program, for whatever reason, doesn't minimize everything. For example, it doesn't minimize Super NoteTab. (In all fairness to the developer, this bug is noted in the Read-Me file and, as far as I've been able to tell, exists will all similar products). Additionally, it "minimizes" many hidden and add-on/plug-in programs, thus cluttering up the taskbar a bit more than one might like. Finally, if you like this program, you'll be registering it mighty quick because the reminder dialogue box pops up frequently and demands your attention.

User Friendly:
Cost: ( if not for the extra $5.00 for mail-in registration)
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Shoshana Schiller

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