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Digita Organiser for Windows

Type of Program Personal Information Manager (PIM)
Supported Platforms Windows 95/NT
CompanyName Digita International
Version Preview Version 1.0
Registration Price FREE
Installed Size 4.2M (approx)


At last a PIM that looks and feels like its paper based cousins!

I've seen a lot of programs that call themselves PIMs but sadly lack in the interface department, they're just not the same as my old filofax that I throw in my handbag and carry everywhere. There is one other program that does have an interface simliar to this, but, as it is a commercial product I won't name names.:)

Digita Organiser is different. It actually looks like a filofax! There are five tabbed sections to the organiser: Calendar, diary, tasks, addresses and a section called Supplements that can have as much or as little information about other topics as you want. Supplement files can also be created in a sister product called WordWorth.

The diary section has four options for viewing entries: day to a page, working week to view, week to view or week to page. Adding entries is easy with buttons on the menu bar to allow information to be added.

Although this is a preview release, the author assures me that it is not limited in anyway. That is there is no restrictions on time or features. However, the product needs a registration code to unlock it on its first use. This code is given to you at the website when you download the program. This program is best downloaded from the home page.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Leitha Hyde

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