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Disney's Hercules Action Game Demo

Type of Program: Childrens Arcade Game
Supported Platforms: Win95
Company/Authors Name:Disney
Installed Size:8.97mb


You are thrown right into the game with the opening screen.What you see is Hercules Back(you are him)and you are running past falling objects and crazed townpeople and are trying to get to the Cyclops who causing all the destruction.(Read the help file for keyboard actions.) Along the way you try to pick up coins and run up steps to help boost you on your way.If you need to high-speed power burst, keep your eyes peeled for Hermes' sandals. Hercules features cartoon-style graphics.

Kids absoulutly love these types of game and it is good for their hand eye coordination. Just make sure they have a time limit or they could be playing this all day. This is only a one level demo. Its available now for PlayStation and on PC-CD ROM for Microsoft Windows 95.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Lisa Cline

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