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Type of Program: Entertainment/Stress Relief
Supported Platforms: Windows/Windows 95/Macintosh
Company Name: PF Magic (
Version: (unknown)
Price: $19.95
Installed Size: 359,228


Dogz is the original "Computer Pet". The program gives you a live-in Dog to keep you entertained or to help relieve that pent-up stress that your psychiatrist says that you need to let out. The downloadable version comes really crippled and only lets you play "ball" with the puppy dogz. There are a bunch of gentle, guilt laden attempts to get you to adopt a puppy in the unregistered version but, they are written in with humor intended. There is not a time limit in the unregistered version as Catz has. The installation is very easy and takes no longer than five minutes (not counting downloading!). Once you decide on a puppy dogz and "adopt" it all of the features are unlocked. "Adoption" can be paid for by Visa or Mastercard by a toll free phone call or, you can run out to Egghead or Comp-USA and get the ready to use version. You now have man's best friend living in your computer! You can teach your Dogz a number of tricks using the provided "treats". You can even customize your Dogz color! Each Dogz develops its own unique personality as it grows and, like a real dog, the personality reflects how it is treated.

There is a convenient, built in, screen-saver which also offers password protection. The only thing that your Dogz won't do is mess on your desktop. The program is well written and it won't interfere with any other program that you may have running at the same time. Support is available via phone or e-mail. If you have children or if you live in an area where having a real dog isn't allowed then this is the program for you!

User Friendly:
Ease of installation:
Reviewed By: Jeffrey Riblett

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