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Desktop Themes

Type of Program: Utility, Plus Replacement
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Company/Authors Name: Jonathan Potter / Left Side Software.
Version: 1.6
Price: US$.15.00
Installed Size: 288-KB


The Plus! pack for Windows 95 adds many additional features to Windows - some things that really should have been included with Windows 95 itself. One of these is Desktop Themes. A Theme is a collection of sounds, icons, pointers (cursors), along with wallpaper, colour and font settings and a screensaver. Basically, it's all the things about the Windows interface you can configure through the Control Panel, brought together into one package. There are literally hundreds of Themes available, and until now you needed the Plus! pack to use them. Without it, it was necessary to install all the components manually, a difficult and time-consuming process. Then, if you didn't like the finished product, you had to manually change all your settings back again. The Desktop Themes application is a direct replacement for the Desktop Themes control panel provided with the Plus! pack. It offers the same functionality as the Plus! version with a {few additional features}. {Even if you have Plus! you might want to consider switching to using Desktop Themes} for the additional features.Desktop Themes also allows you to edit the Theme components directly, to easily create new Themes to distribute to others. This is better then Ms plus & it works excellent! for the price, versus Ms plus, it’s a no brainer! Try it!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by - Robert Fullenwider -
Jonathan Potter / Left Side Software.

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