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DTS Mail

Type of Program:Email
Supported Platforms:Windows
Company Name:DTSoftware
Price:30 US + $10 for Bank Fees
Installed Size:


DTS Mail is a very powerful Electronic Mail program, with features that outstrip many of the commercial email programs. However, some of the features will never be used by the average user. For the savvy technocrat this program will mount no challenge in harnessing its power, but in offering such features, it does create a problem in providing a User Friendly environment for the amateur. Effectively, within the IT industry, the amateur user, is our bread and butter and we must ensure, that whilst offering powerful features, our layouts and environments must be as clear to understand as possible.

DTS Mail does suffer in frightening the new email user, by the screen layout. The Help Function is like all programs and suffer from a cloudy and murky facility to find the information that relates to the topic required. Many people find it difficult to relate a written instruction to a piece of software that effectively they can’t see. The addition of diagrams to the help file, will improve the Help Function 100 % or a simple interactive tutorial at the beginning of the program.

Overall, I feel that this program is powerful, and for the profession IT person, offers features at a budget price. Forty Dollars US is a very respectable price for this product. I would not recommend this program to the new user, but for anybody who is technically savvy, it is ideal.

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Reviewed By Chris Le ROY

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