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 Dunce & Dunce Gold

Type of Program:Dial-up Networking utility
Supported Platforms:Win95 only
Company Name:Vector Development
Version:Dunce and Dunce Gold
Price:Dunce Freeware. Dunce Gold - $20
Installed Size:305kb for Dunce


Dial-up Networking can be tedious at times. First you click the DUN icon, then you click the dialogue box to tell it to connect, then click again to launch the application. Then you get cut off and do the whole thing again. Dunce takes over for you. It automates the DUN, so if you launch the application, it brings up the DUN dialogue, connects to the Internet, and on a disconnect or engaged tone, tries again. Without you clicking anything!

It minimizes the connection dialogue, and puts a tidy pink icon on your tray to let you know it is working. It can be set to automatically dial the Internet at set times, and run up to four programmes. So for example you can programme it to check your mail with Eudora every hour, check Usenet every two hours, and so on.

Dunce is freeware. if you have a lot of dialup connections to manage, you can purchase Dunce Gold. This includes features like defining a different connection for each application, so you can set MSN for browsing, a local ISP for mail, and another for business mail. It also pings the server to keep you online.

Dunce makes only a small difference, in its way. But it makes life easier and using the computer for Internet work and play becomes quicker and less irritating. And that can only be a good thing!

User Friendly
Cost free! or
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Sue Abbott

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