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Download Butler

Type of Program:Internet download helper
Supported Platforms:Win 95/NT
Company Name:Lincoln Beach Software
Installed Size:900k


Finally a program that really makes sense for all us Shareware Junkies. There are some other programs out there that do some of the things Download Butler does, but not all of them. The Download Butler manages all those files you are constantly in such a hurry to get, but a week from now have no idea what they are.

Here is how it works, you click on a file link just like normal, now though the Butler is on duty. Lets say the download is complete, then the butler pops up asking in which of the tabbed download folders you have made you want to store this program, that’s only the beginning, in most cases it has found the dialog that describes the file, and offers to store that for you. If it does not have the description, you have the opportunity to enter it. Then it even stores the URL where you got it from. Joy! Joy!

Next, it even has a built in file extraction program, you may though choose to us an external program for extracting. You can even import into the Butler all those files you have scattered all over. When you open one of the tabs, the open window shows you the file name, a shortened version of the file description(You can hold the mouse pointer over it and in the bottom of the window you can see most, if not all of the file description in the bottom of the window, there is also of course a view option to see the complete description.) You see the date downloaded, file size, file errors, unzip date, extracted to, and Web URL.

The evaluation version only lets you create 3 tabs and process the first 10 files in the listing. Hey I registered right away, this is an invaluable tool if you download lots of files.

Now has better support for self-extracting archives as well as UNIX compressed files. Supports ZIP, ARC, ARJ, ZOO, TAR, GZIP, LHA and SFX(Self Extracting) compressed files.

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Ease of Installation:


Reviewed by Joe Tex

Lincoln Beach Software
PO Box 1554
Ballwin, MO 63022-1554

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