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(formerly known as Edit++)

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Type of Program: Notepad Replacer/Text & HTML Editor authoring
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT4.0 and higher
Company Name: ES-Computing
Version: 1.04
Price: $20 single user; reduced pricing for group licenses (details at website)
Installed size: 1.5MB


If you're expecting EditPlus to look like just another Notepad-style text editor, be prepared to do a double take. Wow! This Internet-ready, 32-bit text editor is a "turbo" Notepad, and has an impressive set of features for HTML web-authoring and C/C++ and Java programming. EditPlus can handle large files without size restriction, and supports file associations and filters for : ASCII (.txt), HTML (.html, .htm, .asp, and .shtml), C/C++ (.c, .cpp, and .h), Java (.java), Cliptext Library (.ctl), AutoComplete files (.acp) and syntax files (.stx). All this, packed into an efficient, 1.5 MB installed package.

EditPlus interfaces seamlessly with Internet Explorer 3 and higher (if you use another browser, just set it up in the Tools options), allowing you to launch the browser, dial-up the Internet, and preview your HTML content or Java applets without leaving the editor. Its HTML toolbar gives mouse access to the useful tools like: an HTML color picker, object selector, and table generator, plus various buttons to insert commonly HTML used tags, such as for script, lists, java applets, frames, anchors, and more.

This little powerhouse of a text editor includes a good search-and-replace function, a configurable spell checker, drag-and-drop editing, color & font options, word-wrap, customizable syntax highlighting, undo/redo capability, auto-completion of commonly used command strings, cliptext and output status windows (which can be displayed or hidden as you wish), keystroke recording, customizable keyboard macros and arguments, and....... and more. You'll keep finding more.

What's pleasant, especially for the user who's just starting out with HTML, is that EditPlus meets you halfway: the toolbar functions will insert the appropriate tags for the functions chosen. So if you're a little ham-handed about entering text and character strings, this helps reduce the typos that are a pain to ferret out later -- like dropping the odd "/" in your containers. Plus, it's quicker!

EditPlus is fully functional during its 30-day evaluation period, but you'll get a short nag screen until you register. Purchase is by major credit card only, and orders can be placed online, by email or FAX, with instructions available at the EditPlus web site. Registered users will receive support and email notification of product upgrades.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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