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Type of Program: Text Editor
Supported Platforms: Win95
Authors Name: Jan Goyvaerts
Version: 3.2.1
Price: Postcardware
Installed Size: 656k


This, in my opinion (of course it's my opinion, I'm writing this), is the best WordPad replacement out there. You can open multiple files (and it allows you to look specifically for certain types, like .html or .pas or .txt or whatever) and has a lot more features than I've figured out.

The author has made the program available in ten languages, and he has pages for each version in the same language as the program (did that make sense?). It has all the features of WordPad, and more. Switching between documents is just as simple as clicking on the tab, rather than having a mess of piled windows. When it's not in use, it sits in your desktray so you have fast and easy access to it. It even reads UNIX LF files and Mac CR files and can export files to both formats. Okay, now I'm copying this almost word for word from this young author's page. If you're looking for a new text editor for any purpose, even writing webpages (I do my own with this program), then just go there. :)

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Tanya Westerman

If you use this program and like it, the author asks that you send him a postcard thanking him for making it, which really isn't a lot to ask for. You can find his mailing address on his webpage.

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