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Email 97

Type of Program: Mail Client
Supported Platforms: Win 95
Company Name: E Corp.
Version: 15-days trial
Price: US$ 29.97 (online)
Installed Size: 2.65 Megs


Eudora Light, your days are about to end! Email 97 is on the ground, ready to defeat you. At least this is the message that emerges browsing the web site of E Corp., the company licensing email 97, a supposed killer app in the mail client field. But one thing are the ads and another is the reality. Many are the lights and shadows in email 97. Without any doubt it is a real complete mail client, with many common and uncommon features. Possibility of filtering incoming mail, of previewing mail before retrieving from the server, and a lot of other more revolutionary options, such as, for example, sending mail to pagers, sending voice messages, translating English messages in Spanish, German, Italian or French. Amongst these and other glittering features many black holes are hidden. First, the Help Menu: it lacks a real table of contents, leaving to the user the duty of browsing the analytic index in search for the topics that interests. There isn’t an on-line help, otherwise very useful, given the huge amount of features email 97 sports. Second, the lacking of an uninstall option. The uninstallation procedure isn’t so completely automated, leaving to you the task of deleting the folders and part of the files belonging to email 97. Last but not least, isn’t available no free version of the program: you wanna play, you gotta pay. Eudora wait for me, I’m coming back.

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Reviewed By Davide Di Lazzaro

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