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E-Mail Notify and CIE-Check

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Type of Program: Email checker & client
Supported Platform: Windows 95
Company Name: Cyber-Info, Ltd.
Version: 3.75
Price: freeware and trial/$20
Installed size: 1.5M


Just fire up E-Mail Notify (or CIE-Check Lite), and a big smile will creep across your face. E-Mail Notify is no conventional email checker, although it is easy to set up, and handles multiple POP3 accounts and outgoing STMP with nimble grace. You caught that... yes, E-mail Notify has a built-in client for those quick messages when you don't feel like launching your regular (slow-loadin') email client. Handles Internet FAX too, and offers basic spam filtering.

Now that this neat app has caught on, with the latest version 3.75, it has been split into a freeware CIE-Check Lite edition and the full-featured E-Mail Notify shareware edition. Here's what's been added in the latest release: address book saves are bug-free; there's a change in the header viewer according to new Hotmail web content; it works better in redirection when you have c.c. (carbon copy); you can now redirect your email from one account to another account automatically; and password protection is added. Also, in case you haven't tried this out, there's a TIF printer driver included (but demo version).

The other nice features are for E-Mail Notify are: For email attachments, E-Mail notify allows you to Zip files right there in the program, send regular attachments, and screen captures too. New-mail notification options are interesting as well -- the tray icon will flash the number of new messages in each account. Choose a different color per account, and, for example, a flashing blue envelope with a 3 on it would denote that many messages in account A, another color envelope for account B, etc. And here's a new approach to new mail notification: you can have the num/caps/scroll lock keys flash to announce new messages, as well as the flashing icon and/or the audio of your choice.

Yet more surprises: A right-click on the tray icon gives you access to all finds of shortcuts: to Windows utilities (like to start your screen saver, reboot your machine), Internet utilities ( like fetching IPs or launching dial-up networking), to your Inbox, Outbox, and to launch your external client. One-stop shopping.

E-Mail Notify also supports proxy settings for accessing your Hotmail account, and allows automatic online checking, as well as manual checking via tray icon double-click. When you've read your new message headers, you can add/delete/reply right from the viewer, but you can also launch your external email client from within E-Mail Notify. This program does its job quietly, quickly, and its inventive features will keep you smilin'.

Note that the freeware CIE-Check Lite doesn't have all these features, but it'll give you a good feel for whether the fully featured edition suits your work habits. It's only $20. The developer does invite freeware users as well as registered users to email them with comments or questions at . Ordering and registration information can be found at the product web site.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ# 9207183

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