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Enhanced PGPn123

Type: Clipboard based PGP Toolbar for Windows
Supported Platform: Win 3.xx
Company: Alpha1 Enterprises
Version: 1.7c
Price: $15 (personal use) $45 per station (commercial)
Download Size: About 450 kb (Upgrade patch about 180kb)
Installed Size: About 440 kb
Special Requirements: PGP, preferably the 16 bit version, must
be installed and working properly before use.
Download From:

With this latest version, I can launch my favorite email, newsreader and other applications with
just a click on the icons (one for each application) which are easy to set up. The small tool
bar then sits in a corner of the. application and from then on it's just more clicking to activate
the automatic decryption and encryption of the messages. Even the options are well designed. So
it doesn't take much knowledge of PGP to figure them out.

Encrypting whole files to be sent as attachments is just as painless. Click on the " File
Services" button and the familiar file dialog box appears. In addition, it has a separate module
that gives you all the basic key management functions like add, extract keys, make key pairs and
so on. To activate this module -- just another click!

Now, for a paranoid like me, EPGPn123 has a steganographic feature that enables me to hide the
encrypted message inside an innocent looking plain text message. What a way to fool any snooper!
Unfortunately, it can't handle long messages because the bogus message is about 10 times the size
of the hidden message and there's the 30 kb limit. However, it's enough for my normal email
messages. One other setback is that the receiving party has to have EPGPn123 to "de-staegano" the messages. I understand that the Company is encouraging other shell developers to include a similar feature in their program.

Anyway, to me, PGPn123 is a "keeper". And registration entitles you to free minor upgrades and a
discount when the 32 bit version is released later. Incidentally, I was told that some users have
run EPGPn123 on Windows 95 and NT without any problem except for NT 3.51.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by: Jeff Wing Windows 3.1) September 6, 1996
To register:
Complete the order form and sent it to:
Alpha1 Enterprises, 1001 Wamsley Way, Rifle, CO 81650
Cash (any national currency), checks, and credit cards are accepted as payment.
For more information please contact

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