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Envision Publisher

Type of Program:WYSISWYG Word Processor
Supported Platforms:Windows 3.1, MS-DOS
Company Name:
Installed Size:About 5 mb


The program, Envision Publisher, is a WYSIWYG program. It is a good word processing program. If you can spend time trying it out and learning how to use it. It is packed with a ton of features. It is hard to do something very quickly. I think that it is best used for newsletters and stuff like that. You get 30 days to evaluate and try it out. After that time, it becomes inactive. I spent time working on a file. When I went to print it though, it would not let me. It only accepts Laser Printers, and inkjet Printers, although it says that it works with any printer. It will work with any display above MCGA. I would recommend a mouse. I was amazed that this complicated program only uses 450k of RAM.

User Friendly
Ease of Install
Support 0 Stars
Reviewed by Charles Hoffmeyer

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