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Type of Program:Favourites and Bookmarks organiser
Supported Platforms:WIN 95,Win NT
Company :ediSys corp
Installed Size:3.52Mb


eScout is a programme for managing bookmarks, intended to make finding information on the Internet easier. When launched it opens a window at the side of the browser, thus reducing the browser window by a third, and displays three tabbed panes entitled Bookmarks, Search and Yellow pages.

All three are Internet shortcuts, the first is obtained from your own Favourites folder and displays both Netscape and Explorer ones at the same time, giving you the option to choose which browser has priority. The other two contain a long list of sites chosen by ediSys. Most are American based, some more useful than others. Functions available include the ability to move, rename or delete a folder and a simple word search. All of which are also available from the bookmark manager built into most browsers.

A bookmark list is a very personal thing, what one individual finds really vital another has no use for. The lists provided by ediSys contained some of general use, like the major search engines, and other fairly obscure ones like bookshops and flower delivery services. Even at the Special Offer Price of $19.95, it is a lot to pay for what is in essence a list of links, neatly packaged.

eScout is fully functioning shareware, valid for 30 days.

User Friendly


Ease of Installation


Reviewed by Sue Abbott

To purchase, visit the company Web site at They accept most major creditcards including American Express and Visa.

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