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ETS Suite of DOS Programs

Type of Program: Printer type utilities
Supported Platforms: DOS
Company Name: ETS Inc.
Revision Date, if possible: various
Price: various
Installed Size: various
Downloaded: ETS BBS in USA 801-255-0919 and 801-265-2496

For those of you, like myself, that are not fond of Microsoft Windows and are in need of
quality DOS software a company called ETS, Inc. from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA produces
some of the best DOS shareware products on the market, with quality and functionality that
are not available in commercial software products costing five times as much. My four
favorites are.

SKIP a laser label printing program (Registration is $10.00) handles all your needs when it comes to printing standard store bought labels such as Avery labels. Label sizes are preprogrammed into the software, you can also print business card stock (10 to a sheet) and business reply cards (4 to a sheet). You have the ability to print up to four .PCX graphics on a label, automatically prints up to 11 digit barcodes if the address contains a ZIP code, and you can maintain an address mailing list database for mass mailings. The software stores up to 20 user defined setups for reoccurring label printing jobs. The software supports a mouse as well as HP LaserJet compatible printers. If you want to use ALL GRAPHIC (GUI) screens and print labels easily with no fuss then try SKIP.

CASEY is a laser calendar printing program (Registration is $10.00) of the same high quality as the other ETS products. You have the ability to print very nice type set calendars in several different formats and can add important dates to your calendar and use shading effects to hi-lite certain dates. The software lets you start your calendars on any day of the week and show 5,6 or 7 days per week, you have the ability to print your calendar in up to 7 different languages ( you don't find this feature in some of the $50 commercial software calendar programs ! ). With the ability to try before you buy how can you lose?

ASCII Print Pro for laser HP compatible printers is the easiest and most
versatile paper saving printing program on the market today. You have the
ability to print 1,2,4 or 6 pages on one sheet of paper, as well as
booklets from 4.25 x 5.25 to 8.5 x 7 inches in either portrait or
landscape orientation, with or without covers, single or double sided. The
software comes with 30 scientifically designed fonts in DUTCH and SWISS
adding the "touch" of
customization to your ASCII text files when printed. The software supports
HP compatible Duplexing printers, programmable header lines on your "
customized " documents and allows you to store up to 20 different program
setups for future jobs. Registration is only $14.95.

Laser Print Envelope is the most complete envelope addressing software program on the market today. Nothing that works in the Windows environment even comes close to the features this program offers in its ALL GRAPHIC (GUI) screens, with full mouse support. The package includes 44 attractive download able fonts for your HP compatible laser printer and can handle 4100 different envelope sizes, with ALL popular sizes already pre-programmed. Like the label printing program, SKIP, barcodes are automatically printed to correspond to the destination ZIP code. Envelopes can be printed with USPO FIM codes for bulk mailing discounts. You have a mailing list database, multiple return addresses on file as well as the ability to swap return and destination addresses for pre addressed reply mail. Programmable screen colors are available for easy identification of the 20 user programmed setups for each particular mailing. Registration is $29.95.

The following are the most current versions available (as of 08/96): SKIP 107.ZIP, CASEY102.ZIP, APP106.ZIP and LPE202.ZIP. Each registered copy comes with free program upgrades for life via download from the ETS BBS.

The reviewed programs as well as other ETS software can be downloaded directly from the ETS BBS by calling (801) 265-0919 or 2496. For more information call ETS voice at (810) 265-2497 from 8AM to 6PM MST in the USA.

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Reviewed by Andrew Gnoza

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