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Eudora Pro 4 (beta 3)

Type of Program:Email package
Supported Platforms:WIN95
Company Name:Qualcomm
Version:v 3 beta 3
Installed Size:


I have used Eudora for years now, I keep trying out other packages and I keep coming back to Eudora. Nothing beats it for reliability and good-tempered co-existence with other software. I did slightly regret abandoning the other packages, as the antiquated interface and boring look of Eudora was the one small drawback it had. With Eudora Pro 4 that is no longer a problem.

The interface has been vastly improved in both appearance and functionality, we now have a preview pane and softly coloured icons.There is a tabbed left hand window with a choice of Explorer view of your drives, signatures, personalities (aka multi users) stationary (for corporate use) and of course mailboxes. With typical consideration Qualcomm have left enough of the original layout in place to make it easy for existing Eudora users.

Lots of nice cosmetic changes are built into 4, such as a configurable toolbar with drag and drop capability to allow a choice from a wide range of functions , and it can be docked anywhere on the screen. The real improvements are "under the hood", as Eudora 4 supports IMAP4, rich HTML and in-line images. Whilst still supporting Finger and Ph, Eudora 4 also offers a nifty little LDAP system which allows access through a simple screen to a series of on-line directories to find an elusive mail address. As always there are a myriad of useful plug-ins available from some major software houses, including PGP, attachment compression and virus protection.

Eudora 4 proved one thing to me. Even the very best can get better.

Eudora Pro is available as 30 day shareware. To purchase see your local reseller (list at the web site).

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Sue Abbott

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