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Eudrora Light

Type of Program:E-Mail Application
Supported Platforms:Windows 95, Windows 3.x
Company Name:QualComm Inc., Eudora Division
Installed Size:1.3 Meg


Eudora is one of the best email apps out for Windows . It has a quick and easy "check" for your mail. You only download those messages that you want. It offers an off-line mail composition to save you time as well as money. You create your mail message before you connect so not to waste your precious online time. It also has many other powerful features such as a "recipient" book for a quick send. It has and archive of all messages kept in 3 separate mailboxes. It handles many other features such as signature files and the ability to change your POP3 password. These features and the fact that it is FREE make it one of the top email programs on the market.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Support: ?

Reviewed by JEM

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