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European Geography

Type of Program:Educational Game
Supported Platforms: Win 3.1 - Win 95
Company Name: Digital Graphics
Version: Freeware version 1.02
Price: $15 individual, $45 site, and $125 campus
Installed Size:645139 bytes


This Game Teaches people to recognize Bodies of water, Countries, and Cities by trying to guess which red dot on the map represents them. There are two modes: Study mode; in which the labels for the dots are reveled.And Game mode; where you race against a clock . There is also a Flag category where you try to guess the right country for the flag that is reveled. This is a freeware version so only the bodies of water is playable. Being such a small game means that there's not much to it so when you are finished with a section that's it (no more levels). My nine year old liked it but was disappointed when it was over so soon.But for those studying up on Europe this is a great tool. On a few graphic cards the drivers for the game may not work but they give simple instructions to fix the problem

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Lisa Cline

To purchase send Check made payable to Richard Carmen at
Digital Graphics
7 Roda Drive
Mastic, New York 11950-1709

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