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Type of Program: Personal Travel Planner
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.1 and Windows 95
Company Name: Personal Programs
Revision / Date: February 27, 1996
Installed Size: 2MB


My wife and I enjoy staying in out of the way places when we travel. On a several trips to
England in 1996 we opted to overnight at country pubs. We did our sightseeing of cities by day
and off to the country for meals, grog and bedding. Pubs offer you the luxury of parking your
car for the day, taking a stroll before dinner, having a few pints, eating, having a night cap
and going to bed all in one place at very economical prices. Some of our pubs were really tough
to find and a good Ordnance map of the area you are in will help you immensely in finding these
jewels. One of the problems we had previously was keeping track of our daily itineraries. Notes
were made in notebooks and in some basic computer spreadsheets relating to cities, pub names,
locations, directions, telephone numbers, etc. It was very confusing and impossible to keep all
the information in one place.

An upcoming trip to Switzerland is already planned thanks to EuroData. Everything from flight
numbers and times, hotel reservations, rail and steamer ferry connections, favorite restaurants
and sightseeing information. ALL this information is printed out into reports and available for
review and updating at a moments notice.

EuroData for Windows is a FREE personal itinerary planner from Personal Programs that solves
all our problems when it comes to organizing our European travels. Yes you heard me right it's
a FREE download off the Internet at EuroData's homepage ( If you
would prefer the software on a diskette you may order it on a 3.5" diskette for $7.95 shipping
and handling from the address shown at the bottom of the article. When you purchase the
diskette version you will receive a subscription to the printed version of EUROPEAN VISITS,
described later in this article.

EuroData makes European travel planning point-and-click, drag-and-drop easy. It's simple to
use, yet sophisticated enough for the real-world complexities of travel. EuroData is about
designing your travel your way... and making the most of every day & dollar. It's must-have
software for anyone planning travel by PC.

EuroData for Windows is the most powerful, full-featured personal travel planner I have found,
and I have been looking for years!

EuroData2 Features include:

Calendar Screen

At the center of the action, EuroData's drag-n-drop Calendar Screen lets you lay out the what,
when, and where of your trip with a few clicks of the mouse. Arrange and rearrange dates &
destinations, move & swap cities, create and save as many versions as you like until it's just
right. Plus, the Calendar will automatically flag national holidays in your destination
countries -- so you don't end up stumbling into crowded trains and closed attractions.

Itinerary Budget

Wondering how to pay for it all? The detailed Itinerary Budget helps you accurately predict
costs, including the daily meals & miscellaneous expenses that many travel planners forget.
EuroData automatically calculates hotel costs in both local & US currency, even for multiple
rooms at different rates; accounts for travel fares, sleeping car supplements, booking fees,
and more. To complete the picture, you can enter virtually unlimited custom budget items, from
shopping in Paris to parking at the airport. You can even export your budget as a tab file for
use in Lotus or Excel spreadsheets!

Itinerary Notebook

Things you don't want to miss or forget? Use the Daily Notes window and Itinerary Notebook to
record those important reminders & must-see ideas -- day by day and overall.) This feature was
what we used to track our planned PUB stays and scenic routes of travel between them.

Online Capture

Finding a ton of information on the Internet, CompuServe , America Online , Prodigy , and other
sources? Losing it as quick as you find it? Let EuroData's Online Capture help you save what
you see and use what you save. Grab useful notes instantly from almost any Windows -based
software -- even travel CDs -- and drop them right into your travel plans.
Forget that clutter of printouts and obscure DOS 8.3 filenames... let EuroData organize your
finds by title and category. The Format tool will even remove most HTML codes from captured
source text. Build your own customized travel guide to print with your itinerary & take along!

Bookings & Reservations

When you're done planning and ready to go, EuroData works from your itinerary to build detailed
Reservation Request documents, ready for dispatch to your travel agent or direct provider. Or
with EuroData Connections, booking it all right from your PC can be as simple as clicking a
button. And if you're already booking your travel online, use EuroData to pull it all
together and track your sources, reservations, confirmations, and payments.

Traveler Profile

Get it done right... EuroData stores all of your personal preferences, from seating to smoking
to frequent flyer numbers, and makes sure they're included when final plans are made.

Print Preview

Finally, input means nothing without output -- and EuroData's slick Print Preview module not
only generates colorful, well-organized reports on every aspect of your trip, but lets you save
them as ASCII files for easy e-mailing to colleagues or relatives, or envious friends!

Bookings & Purchases:

The current version of EuroData does not include online booking or purchasing capabilities.

These features will be included in an add-on program, EuroData Connections, which is currently
being developed. If you register your copy of EuroData for Windows, you will be notified when
EuroData Connections is available. There will be no charge for this add-on. The current version
does allow you to generate and print Reservation Requests and other reports, and you may fax
these from your computer if your fax software supports faxing as a print option.

Wish List

There is one feature I would like to see added to the program. Currently the software lets you
record the name and number of your frequent flyer programs. I would like to be able to track my
miles earned in each of the programs ( previous balance - miles earned - current balance or
just a window to enter the current total miles in my account would be adequate). Nothing
serious just something I would like to see added.

As a registered user of EuroData 2 you get a sister newsletter, EUROPEAN VISITS, free. This
newsletter is the first publication of its kind devoted entirely to the subject of European
travel. Each issues is filled with articles from contributing writers in Europe and the USA,
the latest information on best buys and intriguing offers in European travel, and the most
comprehensive review of Internet travel sites you'll find anywhere in print. A one year
subscription ( 6 issues ) to the print edition of EUROPEAN VISITS at a special low price of
just $7.00. Send check or money order for $7.00 made payable to Personal Programs to the
address shown at the end of this article. This offer expires July 31, 1997 and is valid to
U.S.A. residential addresses only.

User Friendly:
Review by Andrew J. Gnoza, III
Travel Consultant
Solid Gold Travel

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