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European Geography

Type of Program: Windows Educational
Supported Platforms: WIN95/Windows 3.1
Author: Richard Carman
Version: NA
Price: $15
Installed Size: 1.12 meg


Study the Geography of modern Europe, that's what this program is all about! Gosh, I didn't
know I had forgotten all that stuff, Whew..... European Geography will allow you to study up on
39 Countries, 35 Major Cities, 30 Major Bodies of Water, and 39 Flags of the Countries. Each
screen has a Study Mode which allows for studying or assisted playing. Individual screens and
maps can be printed for studying and testing purposes. Score and time are reported for competitive uses, this feature can be turned off. Great for travel purposes (i.e. if you're going on a trip), current event studies and geography buffs.

When you're playing the different segments of this program all you have to do is click on an answer, not typing. This is nice because you'll probably get your children to use it more readily!

I found no bugs or hangs in the program. I wish the menu and style were more like what most of
us are used to but I found it very easy to navigate.

Note that all of his registered copies are sent out with personal registration information on
your screen!
Each program has been personalized.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Sound & Graphics:
Reviewed By Martha Seward

How to purchase or register: Send a check or money order to: Digital Graphics, 7 Roda Drive, Mastic, New York, New York 11950-1709 Make Checks payable to
Richard Carman or Digital Graphics

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