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Excelsior phase one: Lysandia

Type: Role-Playing Game
Supported Platforms: DOS
Author: Daniel Berke & Matthew Engle
Version: 2.0
Price: US $20.00 (USA), CAN $25.00 (Canada) or US $25.00 (foreign)
Installed Size: 3.42
Downloadable from: Download

I presume that many Role-Playing Games fans around the world, if allowed to make a wish to a
genie, would say something like "I wish there was a RPG much like the old "Ultima"s, but with
top-down dungeons and a not-so-boring combat system.". This wish would be a waste, because them Genie could probably answer with something like "Just download "Excelsior"! Wish granted!"
Although the graphics are old-fashioned and the sounds uninspiring, Excelsior is an excellent
RPG. The authors have managed to create a land full of cities, dungeons and Non-Player
Characters with multiple quests and, which is very important, not too much linearity: if you
get stuck on a specific quest, for example, finding the blue amulet, there is no reason for you
to stop playing; you can do anything else, like finding the King's son and then you can come
back later... this is something that made most of the "Ultima" games famous and tremendously
In Excelsior, you are a Fixer, a demi-deity that corrects problems on many different planets.
You must assume a mortal form, choosing one of the 13 races and 13 classes to help the world of
Lysandia with the increase of monsters around. Although this is not a hack-and-slash, combat
abounds; fortunately, the combat system is simple and adequate. When you go up levels, stronger
monsters start appearing (for example, upon reaching level 6, golems start popping up), with
more valuable items than before, which is an interesting idea. There are many skills to gain,
by the most interesting ways (the way to get the "Fist Fighting" skill is by insulting a
certain fellow... guess what happens! :). Spells when bought are immediately added to the
spellbook, and the casting success depends on your alignment...
...and I could go on and on talking about all of the features of this great game.
CONCLUSION: Shareware RPGs don't get much better than "Excelsior". This one is well worth any
RPG fan's time, and the downloadable version isn't even crippled.


User Friendly:
Ease of Install:
Reviewed by Lightmare (

To register "Excelsior", run the REGISTER program at the directory where the
game was installed, which will generate a registration code. This code must
be sent along with US $20.00 (USA), CAN $25.00 (Canada) or US $25.00
(foreign) to the following address. The REGISTER program also fills the form
that should be sent with the check/money order.

To purchase the "Excelsior Hint Book", send $10.00 to the same address.

Castle Software
6755 Mira Mesa Blvd. #123-258
San Diego, CA 92121-4311

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