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Exoplex Intranet Publisher

Type of Program: Intranet/Business/Office Automation
Supported Platforms:WIN95, NT
Company Name: Exoplex
Version:0.40 (build 2)
Price: US$39.95
Installed Size:3.6Mb


Information is one of the most valuable resources a company has. Many large corporates have complex, vast Intranets maintained by the Technical team to disseminate this information, and until the advent of Exoplex that seemed the only alternative.

These Intranets are designed like miniature, private Internets and have both the accessibility and complexities of the Net. Move one document and blank links start to appear, the whole thing is tightly coded and immobile. Exoplex is a new approach to company Intranets and makes it possible for any size of company, with or without a technical resource, to create their own system to share information.

Every piece of information such as a spreadsheet, a document, or the marketing plan is designated as a Topic. Topics are collected into logical groups called Libraries, which can be organized to suit the individual without losing any of the logical structure. Exoplex generates the HTML automatically so that the Topics can be viewed through traditional Internet browsers with the associated ease of use that method gives.

The concept is startlingly simple, and the product is equally simple to use. In earlier beta incarnations Exoplex revealed all the highly technical programming that goes to make it work, however with V0.4 the interface has changed beyond recognition. Installation takes seconds and is automatic, and the programme launches a friendly Wizard which creates the first Topic for you, and leads you to a demonstration Library full of ideas for your company. It includes a good way to utile Exoplex to ensure that customers receive accurate and up to date quotes - an essential for any business. There are copious White Papers on the company Web site for further information and support, plus a technical support service by email.

Exoplex is innovative, technical and complex. But you would never know that when you use it - to the user it is a simple way to build a dynamic, user-friendly company Intranet that allows all the staff to contribute and use the information held by a company. It requires no technical staff, no poweruser computers and no programming. To use Exoplex all you need is common sense and a desire for company information to be available to everyone on the team.

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