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 Expression Calculator

Type of Program:Calculator
Supported Platforms:Windows 95 and Windows NT
Company Name:Stolen Technologies Inc
Version #:2.26
Price:Free for personal use, Companies $50
Installed Size:816 KB


This is the thing I've been looking for to replace Windows Calculator. I remember when I had to calculate complex formulas while working on a word processor, I'd rather get my calculator than use Windows'. Now with E.C., I'm starting to look down on my faithful calculator.

"Expression Calculator has a true multithread capability due to it's rigorous object oriented style and it's powerful calculation thread generator. This means you can calculate as many expressions as you like at the same time and launch any other calculation before a previous task is finished." That's a quote from the author.

It what makes Excalc powerful, but it's not only that. Check out what else it can do: • handle 1500! that's 4.8119978000e+4114 (actually, who'd wanna play with so many digits anyway?) But that's near the calculator's limit. • do all of the common scientific calculator functions plus : primes, euler's function, fibonacci, and several other blah-blah-blahs. • numbers scroll from left to right, just like dot matrix display calculators • you can continuously punch in numbers, not limited to 8 or 10 or 12 digits. • store long numbers in a single character variable. Keeping formulas short! • Excalc also shows a list of tasks, whether it's still in progress or done. With this you can check back any part of your calculation.

User friendly
Ease of installation
Reviewed by Eric R. Natanael

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